Chyawanprash Filling Machine

It’s ideally suited for filling of balm, ointment, wax polish, Vaseline, waxes & petroleum jelly, based similar products in hot melt form. Other free flowing viscose materials such as lotions, cold creams moisturizers, etc.

Silent Features:

  • Dripless accurate filling.
  • Filling accuracy ± 1%.
  • Filling range 5gm to 500gm.
  • Very Low Space Require.
  • Lower Maintenance Require.
  • Speed Depending Upon Volume & Viscosity Of The Product.
  • All The Contact Parts Are 304/316/316L Quality As Per Your Requirement .

Optionally Available:

  • Automatic Container Feeding With Turn Table Or Packing Conveyor.
  • Jacketed Hopper & Mixing Stirrer.
  • Plugging & Capping Machine.