High Speed Multi Head Container Filling Machine

Single & Double head twelve station, semi & automatic, aluminum or lami & plastic tube filling , sealing, coding and cutting machine.

Range Single head 5 to 100gm 30 tube double head 5 to 50gm Tube.
Single S.S. Syringe range 5 to 25, 25 to 50, 50 to 100
Double S.S. Syringe range 5 to 25, 25 to 50
Required As jacketed hopper and S.S. stirrer. all contact parts are of Teflon & SS 304/316 qualities required.

Automatic Multi head container filling machine for filling semi-solid products such as balm, ointment, wax polish, paste, jam, sauce etc. In small containers like flat tins (dibbi), bottles, jars etc.

Silent Features : 

All operations are automatic except loading of containers on conveyers belt. Automatic collection of filled containers on collection tray/ conveyers. If there is no container the machine will not work.

Range: 5 gms to 22 gms in one syringe. 30 gms to 75 gms in one syringe. 

Speed : 5 gms to 25 gms 60 to 90 Containers/ min. 30 gms to 75 gms 45 to 60 gms Containers All contact parts are easily detachable for cleaning / sterilization. All contact parts are of Teflon and SS 304/316 quality as required.

Thermo statically controlled jacketed hopper. Optionally available in SS Stirrer. Optionally available in rotary table for feeding of containers of conveyers belt, supplied only on customers requirement. This machine is easy to maintain & is also simple to operate.